They came and took her away yesterday. (See my previous post about how our sailboat got trashed.) We had many adventures in Puget Sound and she always got us home safely. Sucia, Patos, San Juan, and Stuart islands were our favorite spots. Our son even sailed with his wife and two year old son on the Canadian side to visit Pender Island.

Fargone was a Lancer 25 sailboat. It was 25 feet long with an 8 foot beam and had a fixed weighted keel. She was a steady, solid boat and a good friend.

You served us well girl. Thanks for the memories.

Here’s photos of how they managed to pick her up and haul her away:
BoatBye1_300 BoatBye2_300
BoatBye3_300 BoatBye4_300
BoatBye5_300 BoatBye6_300
BoatBye7_300 BoatBye8_300
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3 thoughts on “They hauled her away

  1. Hi Jim, It’s nice to hear from you. I hope you are feeling well. My big news: I went for acupuncture and bought a copper brace for my knee and a posture brace for stooped back, all of which are helping “prop” me up. Right now I’m making a Nishimi vegetable dish. The weather here in Maine is just now warming up and my wife just got back from an hour-long hike.

    Here’s to a full healing for you. I’m looking to be fully healed in three years.


    • I didn’t know you were dealing with a bad knee and back issues. I hope the braces help. I’m glad it isn’t keeping you from hiking though. Sounds like you are a good cook. I like your positive attitude in setting a goal for healing. The weather here in Washington State is great. I hope to be back on the water soon. Take care of yourself.

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