Some of you may have read my posts on sailing, such as this, and this, and this. Well, a March wind has stopped all that. My poor little sailboat is no more.

We had 8 trees fall in a 67mph wind and one of them took her out. There is a certain irony in all this… the name of our boat was Fargone. Now it truly is Far Gone.

She was a good boat. It’s like losing a best friend. The good news is we had insurance. The bads new is she was totaled. I’ll miss her.

But… we hope to find another boat soon. It will have to be a fixer-upper because cash is tight. But I’ll be back out on the salt water soon.

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One thought on “Fargone is no more

  1. Hi Jim, I’m glad you can find the humor in a sad situation. And I’m glad you had insurance. – Dick

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