Here’s an update on a previous post:

The docs say my sore leg is not due to lymph nodes pinching off a nerve. Instead they think it may just be a small fracture from some sort of injury. It is what they call an “occult fracture”. The word ‘occult’ means hidden. In this case the fracture cannot be seen by my x-ray.

They are going to do an MRI to find the fracture or see if something else is causing the problem.

The good news is it sounds like it is something that will heal.

Sorry Leuk, you don’t get any credit for this one.

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Blood test results August 2016Here’s my labs for August 2016. The numbers are still relatively flat. In fact, as you can see, they have dropped a little. That’s good news. I am blessed that they don’t continue to climb as they did from September 2009 through June of 2013. So far Leuk is taking it easy on me. I hope my lower stressed life is contributing to this.

You can click on the image to get a larger version.

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Cancer Center buildingToday I get to go see my cancer doc for my bi-annual check up. Oh joy. You know, just a few years back I would have never imagined myself going to a building called the Cancer Center. Jeez.

Anyway, in addition to my usual check up I’ll be discussing a new thing with my doctor. I have developed a limp from pain in my right leg. It has occurred off and on for a couple years but now it’s daily.

My GP (family doctor) says it could be caused by one of two things: either swollen lymph nodes in my groin (caused by my CLL) are pinching a nerve, or I have some bone degeneration. That’s a hell of a choice.

So, I had an x-ray yesterday and I should get the results soon. My GP and cancer doctors will be comparing notes.

Either way, bone degeneration or swollen lymph nodes, getting older and having leukemia at the same time is a pain in the butt… or, make that leg.

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TonyFilmFeeling a lot better today. Getting things done. Almost on top of my game.

I say ‘almost’ because my sore back has returned making it hard to sleep. But, hey, big deal. I mean, when you’ve got CLL a bad back is a cake walk.

I hope all you Leuk Fighters out there are doing well. If you’d like a distraction, I recommend a documentary I just saw on Netflix called Tony Robbins I am not your GURU.

Whatever you may think of Tony Robbins this film is worth seeing. It is a “behind the scenes” documentary of one of Tony’s five day events. It also gives you an intimate look at the man himself. I came away from it with a new appreciation for the guy.

BTW, I’m not getting any kickbacks, I just really liked the film.

Take care guys & gals.

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I did my second day of shoots. Three apartments this time. They were college student apartments and man, the first one was definitely a bachelor pad. Bags and bags of trash, clothes everywhere, and a nice, apologetic resident. I managed to photograph the kitchen and bathroom. The bedrooms we’re useless. One had a sleeping finals-week fogged-out-student in it and the other was trashed. The other apartments were empty and relatively clean.

The shoots went quicker than yesterday but I was still pretty tired afterwards. I still need to photograph the outside of the buildings from yesterday and today but I couldn’t hack it right now.

I guess I’m a bit bummed out. Tired of being tired. Sitting down and writing helps though. Especially the sitting part.

I hope my last two posts haven’t gotten any of you down. As you know, Leuk looks forward to these days when you let your spirits drag.

I don’t have too many of these moments and I hope my new readers will go back to my earlier posts and realize I am mostly upbeat. But today, not so much.

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