Data Next GenerationNow that my daughter’s family has moved into their new home (they stayed with us for a year and a half while their house was being built) we are moving our stuff back in from storage.

I moved most of it yesterday and have a bit more to do today. I am doing the moving by myself. It’s mostly boxes. It’s nice to know I can do it. I had to rest a few times but this old body is still operating.

I’m so lucky that Leuk hasn’t brought me down yet. Though I get tired sometimes, I am still “functioning within normal parameters” as Star Trek’s Data would say.

It’s strange having this invisible thing inside me. Leuk is lurking somewhere in there. He’s not too strong yet but I know that could change. Hopefully not for a long time.

My biggest worry is that I will become a burden to my wife. She is strong and would make it happen but still I don’t want to make her life harder. She is such a blessing to me and she doesn’t deserve this.

Oh well, I might be worrying about a future that will never happen. I am 65 years old after all. CLL can be a slow moving type of leukemia so as long as it doesn’t speed up I might make it to old age just fine. It’s not really worth worrying about.

In fact, I should take my own advise about worrying. God knows I’ve written enough posts about it.

So I’ll shut up and live for each day.

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