The Waltons

We have something going on in our house that I have forgotten to share with you. We’ve been living like the Waltons. You know, that TV show where John Boy, his siblings, his parents and grandparents all live in the same house?

Well, that’s us. My daughter, her husband and their two boys moved in coming on a year now.  They are building a new house and needed a place to stay in the mean time. There is one difference between us and that TV show though: the Waltons had a large, two story house. Ours is a small, 1008 sq. ft., three bedroom house. It’s what you might call a tight fit.

So, my wife and I moved most of our stuff to storage to make room for the larger family joining us.

Now you might think this living situation would cause a lot of stress and strife. But I’ve got to tell you it’s been great from day one. Chores are shared (with only an occasional sigh from the grandkids) and we all seem to get along. At least it appears that way. Who knows what secrets rantings may be going on behind closed doors… just kidding.

It’s given my wife and I a chance to get closer to my daughter, son-in-law and the grandkids. And those boys, what a blessing they are. Since my wife is Icelandic they call us Afi and Amma. It means a lot to me since my Dad was called Afi too. It’s like taking on a wonderful man’s mantle. And, Afi sounds a whole lot younger than ‘Grandpa’.

Anyway, point is, being around family can really make a difference in your countenance. I tend to be introverted and stay to myself. The problem with that is it allows me to brood. Writing blogs helps to pull me out of that because I feel like I’m talking to you all, but even more powerful is being surrounded by my loved ones. And I gotta tell you there is nothing more wonderful than the hugs I get from my grandkids and my appreciative daughter when I feed them breakfast and send them off to school/work.

It’s important to take time for yourself, but taking time for yourself and isolating yourself are two very different things. Make a point of spending time with your family and/or friends. You need them. And, point of fact, they need you too.

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  1. Sheila Morgan-Tapp says:

    I’ve missed your posts. Mom so loved them. I would print them off for her and she kept them in a binder….found it when I was cleaning out things. Glad you are doing better……

    • Jim says:

      Hi Sheila. Your mom was such a kind person. It feels like there’s a hole in the family now. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it down to the services but I think of her often.

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