Today I’ll be running errands, unclogging a drain, processing photos for a client, sending off invoices, doing some banking, and attempting to fix an outboard motor. (see “On the High Seas – Part II“). At the same time, I’m a bit dizzy and a little tired (nothing major).

It got me to thinking… sometimes, in order to enjoy life, we have to push through our problems. I remember when I had to learn the drums fast – I mean really fast – because our band was already recording and until then I was only playing a djembe.

Anywho, there were times during my practice when I thought I couldn’t get it. It was like running up against a wall. But I’d tell myself to push through it. When I did, I was able to ignore my discouragement and accomplish something.

Now, I’m not a perfect drummer. In fact, I have a lot to learn. But I was able to get back in the studio and lay down the drum track. Problem was, the band had already recorded a few songs without a drummer. Usually it would be my job to lay down the rhythm before the rest of the band records. But since the band had no drummer, their timing often slowed down and speeded up. This required me to follow the awkward timing they had set. I pulled it off.

So here’s what I’m trying to say, in a much too lengthy way: when you try to accomplish something, you often run up against a wall – a moment of discouragement. That’s when you decide; are you going to quit or push through it?

Okay, so we’re sick. We get tired or weak. As time passes we might find limitations on how much we can do in a day. Leuk will try to discourage us and make us feel like it’s not worth trying. But we can make the choice; give in or keep going.

I choose to push through it.

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