(continued from my last post)… Okay, so… We’d dropped our sails and were motoring into port. Close to the entrance, our outboard motor decided to get stuck in forward. Suddenly we had no neutral gear. My poor seasick crew had to handle the boat, sailing in circles, while I tried desperately to fix the motor. But the fates were against us.

So we headed in with a motor we couldn’t stop or even slow down. Luckily our speed wasn’t too bad.

Just as we were entering the harbor, we had a near-miss with another boat as it shot out from the entrance and crossed our bow. It’s captain, realizing his mistake, waived sheepishly.

Taking a deep breath, we motored through the harbor, dodging the docks in search of our birth. Taking a guess at the timing, I killed the motor and we drifted around a corner and into our slip. Sean, at the bow, stood ready with an oar to push us away from the neighboring boat should we drift into it.

We tied up and took our food (and more food) to the park. Somehow a picnic in the park seemed like a much better idea than sailing to Sucia.

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