Okay, so yesterday I didn’t follow my own advise about “pushing through it.” But today I did. I was a little dizzy in the morning but managed to go to Disneyland anyway.

If you ever get here you have got to take the Radiator Springs Racers ride.You’ll feel like you’re in the movie… desert mountains, Flo’s V8, Lizzy’s, of course Lightning McQueen, and all the rest of the gang are there. And the ride is great, ending with a race to the finish line.

Star Tours is my other favorite ride. It’s a 3D adventure that you watch from within a spaceship that gives you all the sensations of flying through a Star Wars movie.

All in all, it was a great day. I’m majorly worn out from a 12 hour day (my feet don’t like me much right now). Who knew having fun could be so exhausting!

Anyway, sorry my last entry was such a downer and my language may have been a bit strong for some readers. But, like I said somewhere in this blog, I will always try to be honest about how I feel and what’s happening.

Take care, and thanks for putting up with me yesterday.

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