I recently watched a documentary called May I Be Frank. It shows the transition of an overweight man with Hepatitis C and a history of drug use. It is very inspiring. Check out the website from the above link and look at the photos on the far left and right of the heading… that’s the same guy!

While the movie promotes the use of a vegan diet, it is more about one man’s committed journey to better health and improved relationships with his family.

So, I’m planning on starting my own journey.  However… I won’t be drinking wheat grass smoothies! I want to start out simply and with a diet not too far from my present one. This might make it easier to stick to it. (I can’t see myself downing a drink made from the clippings in my lawn mower bag.)

I’m focusing on four areas: (1) Eat more fruits and veggies, (2) Stop eating red meat (I will however devour chicken, turkey, and fish – the vegetarian life is not for me!), (3) Drink lots of water (aiming for 1 gal per day… gulp!), and (4) Exercise.

Today is day one. So far I’ve eaten a cheese taco with tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and spinach greens. I put the veggies in after I melted the cheese so they wouldn’t be cooked. This, I’m told, keeps the enzymes ‘alive’ and working for you. (I know, I know, some of you are saying “Cheese?!” Hey, there are some things I just won’t give up, and I figure any kind of dietary improvement is better than what I was doing.)

I’m drinking H2O as I write this. And tonight I’m walking at the Mall.

Of the 4 above, exercising will be the most difficult to maintain – I’ve not been very consistent so far (see Exercising).

This may not cure my leukemia, but it will give me more energy and possibly reduce my dizzy problem.

So wish me luck… I’m on yet another quest.

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