Well, after an extremely long pause, I am starting up my exercise program. If you click the above exercise link you will see that my last exercise day was 3/20/12.


So this morning I walked. I only managed our driveway – the equivilant of 6 city blocks. (We have a long driveway.) I would have gone further but I felt my dizziness coming on so I turned around. I thought that might be better than falling in a ditch!

And so it begins. If I’m stable tomorrow I hope to walk one mile.

Wish me luck. I’m more cerebral than physical so exercise is usually the last thing on my to do list. I’ll keep track  of my progress on the exercise page, so if you like you can give me a hard time if I stop again.

Accountibiliy is something we procrastinators hate so I need it even more than most.

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