Hi all,

Normally I only write posts during the week and take weekends off. But today I’ve discovered I have serveral friends reading my blog that I wasn’t aware of. Good friends who are concerned about my condition.

This entry is for them…

Hey guys, please don’t worry or get bummed out about my walk with Leuk. I’m doing fine. I feel great for now and I’m not scared.

I hope this blog hasn’t been a bummer for you. I try to keep it upbeat. My posts reflect what I’m thinking on a particular day; on some days I’m feeling down a bit just like you get sometimes.

But when you see a lighthearted post like “The Top 12 Advantages of Kickin” it with Leuk” and “Choose Laughter“, I’m not faking it. No matter what I write, I will always be honest.

Having leukemia isn’t the end of the world; it certainly isn’t the end of mine. Of course, it’s not exactly the common cold either. There may be a time when I need chemo treatment and that won’t be fun. I will probably win my battle with Leuk, but I might not. Either way I refuse to have a pity party.

Please stay with me. When we meet, treat me normally. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or shy about talking to me about Leuk. Its fine with me if you do, and its fine with me if you don’t. You don’t need to feel obligated to ask me how I’m doing, although that’s fine with me too.

I guess I’m saying that I’m the normal me: which has always been a bit abnormal. I’m just a regular guy with a few more white blood cells than you. No big deal.

Some of us are close, some are just acquaintances. Either way, we are friends. Lets love, like and enjoy each other. If we do any differently, Leuk wins. The hell with him, let’s always be comfortable with each other. Let’s be friends.



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