12 – You’ll get to heaven before your mother-in-law so you can warn everybody

11 – You won’t have to watch Obama screw up another 4 years

10 – You can go early and beat the Mayan Doomsday rush-hour traffic

9 – Your wife can buy green bananas again

8 – You won’t have to listen to rap music (it’s all gone to hell)

7 – No more taxes (the IRS man was told to go to hell too)

6 – No more lawyers (neither place wanted them)

5 – You can tell your dead neighbor to return the damn lawn mower

4 – You’ll see your dog again and explain why you kept the cat

3 – You’ll get to go to Hell just long enough to beat up that 3rd grade bully

2 – You can find that dead fish and prove once-and-forever it really was THAT big.

And…  the number one advantage of kicking it with Leuk…

1 – Steve Jobs will give you an i-Harp !!!

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