Today is a good one. Got lots of work done for a client. Feel great.

I guess Leuk’s taking a break for now. Maybe my tired downer the last two days was just that – a regular old downer that even ‘normal’ people get.

Its hard to guess where I’m at… what is caused by Leuk and what is just me? Its not worth thinking the former and a lot more reassuring to think the latter.

I don’t know if anyone who has leukemia is reading this blog yet. I hope so. Just know that you are not alone. Your world isn’t ending. You have today. Leuk isn’t taking today away from you. And today is all anyone has – even those he isn’t visiting.

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3 thoughts on “You have today

  1. Jim, sorry that I didn’t get in touch in WA. We were only in Bellingham for three days and spent all that time with Chuck’ s parents who moved into the Willows.

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