Wow.This was definitely a Leuk day. The doctors tell me my leukemia shouldn’t be making me tired but something sure did.

I was up late the night before, getting to bed at midnight. But you wouldn’t think that would make me feel so exhausted all day. I finally had to lay down at 3:00pm. Slept off and on unit 7:30pm.

Then got up and felt better.

I’m not really sure what made it happen. Was it Leuk? Or am I just being old? I’m not in the best of shape; I’ve not been exercising. Maybe that’s it.

So now, having slept during the day, I’m up writing at 12:30am. Geez.

Sometimes I get the itch to write and I can’t quiet down until I express myself. I’m wide awake now and hoping by writing this post I’ll be able to get back to bed.

But I’m hedging my bets; I’ve taken a sleeping pill too.

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2 thoughts on “Yawn

  1. Jim, hope you got some sleep finally. We’ll be up in Bellingham the first week in August. I hope you and I can see each other!

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