So… I’ve been away from this blog since Oct 2012. Sorry about that. Got a lot of info to catch you up on. I’ll do that over the next few posts. First of all…

I need to update you on my last two lab tests.  Last November my results showed a white blood cell count of 40.2 – double since August of 2011 (see “Score Card” link).

My most recent labs, taken just last week, show an increase to 44.7. My red blood cells and platelets, however, are still in the normal range. At my last doctor’s appointment (Feb 2012) he told me that since these are still normal, he would continue to “watch and wait” without chemo.

This time around, since my RBC and platelet counts are still okay, I’m hoping I won’t have to do chemo. But with the big WBC increase I’m a little concerned.

I am planing an expansion of my business to website design/development. However, this will require a lot more travel and effort, so I’m putting it off until I meet with my doctor this week. If I have to do chemo I’ll have to take that into account when considering my business efforts. I’m not sure what type of chemo he’ll subscribe and what, if any, debilitating factors might occur. I don’t want to be unable to meet my new commitments.

So we’ll see. But I am still positive about the whole thing. If it turns out I can’t do as much work as I’ve planned, well… I guess it will be a good excuse to relax on a fijian beach!


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2 thoughts on “Work or Fiji… hmmmm

  1. Jim, I am so glad you wrote! You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers and even some vague thoughts of calling to check on you–but I am the worst at calling anyone, as you can see since I haven’t tried! Hoping chemo is not coming up too soon, but keep us informed.

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