Winter’s back. Me too.

Snow in trees

shoes in snowSummer’s done. It’s early November and the snow is already falling. Nothing to complain about though. It was only an inch and it has already started melting away.

Since the weather’s less conducive to walking I’m back in the gym. I’m preparing for next years Big Climb. This will be my 4th time there. I’m so glad that I’m blessed to be able to do it still.

I’ve been a little lethargic lately but I chalk that up to laziness more than Leuk. I’m afraid Winter has made me want to hibernate. Well, no more of that! I’ve got a book to write, grandkids to dote over, and a wife to enjoy. Life is good.

I hope you all are taking one day at a time and not focusing too much on the future. Unless, of course, you are focusing on a positive future. That’s the healthiest thing to do.

I’ve been away from writing, both my books and my blogs, for some time now. Guess I needed a break. Besides, Summer was great and I had lots of distractions. Now it’s good to get back to it. Writing for me is therapy but sometimes I don’t want to go to the therapist! Writing a book is a lot harder and requires more work than I first thought but I’m not giving up. Frankly, we need the cash! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, Live Long and Prosper.

[Photos by David Beale and Tim Tiedemann ]

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