The last two days have been challenging. This time it’s nothing to do with Leuk. Just issues that we all share from time to time – mainly financial. Negotiating with people & creditors is wearing. But I’m doing what I can and trying to not focus on those things I have no control over.

We have a house for sale. It is not the one we live in, but a beautiful house directly on a beach. It’s the family home I grew up in. Its difficult to let it go. Very difficult. I think I’ll miss living next to the saltwater even more than I’ll miss the house (which is a lot).

But the sale of the house will allow us to pay off the mortgages we have on the house we are now living in. With Leuk hovering over me, I need to make sure my wife won’t be left with debt and that no bank can touch the house.

I’ll probably be with her for a long time yet, but either way, staying or going, I’ll rest easier knowing she’s secure.

I love her so much. She’s beautiful, charming, and smart. She can be strong and independent when she needs to be. But most of all, she’s my best friend. I’ve known her since kindergarten. We are a part of something bigger than each of us. The ‘We and Us’ is more than the sum of the ‘Me and Her’.

I hope my plans to become completely debt free will happen soon. I grew up in a time when the White Knight still rescued the Damsel in Distress. You remember… back in the day when women actually needed us men.

I want to be her White Knight at least one more time.

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4 thoughts on “White Knight

  1. My darling, you ARE my white knight. Everyday. Thank you for choosing to save me. Our relationship is who I am. Without you I am a hollow shell. I’m so thankful to be your wife because that makes us one. That oneness gives me the authority to pray for you and God promises to answer those prayers as if you prayed them. We serve a wonderful God and He loves you very much. He has wonderful surprises ahead for us. I believe those surprises will be even better than the ones He’s already blessed us with. You are truly loved and cared for. Thank you for stepping up to the bat as a loving, caring husband. All my love to my white knight!! Your Willie

  2. I admire and treasure the love you two have for each other.

    I so fondly remember that house. It’s been decades since I’ve been it, so it’s permanently etched in my childhood memories with campfires on the beach.

    It’s hard to let go. I’ve finally reached a point where I MIGHT be able to sell my parents’ house on Puget Street. . . .

  3. Ya gotta do what you gotta do. There is always the parks to enjoy. Maybe some day I can bring out my toy sail boat (my little yellow plastic Snark) sail with you.

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