Vision Christian Band

I don’t do a lot of advertising on this blog site but I’ve decided to promote two CDs. I used to play in a Christian band called Vision. We played nearly all of the prisons around Washington State as well as churches and a homeless shelter. We had a blast and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

The songs are direct, lively, and honest. They are not worship songs or boring hymns. They are very upbeat and about real life — often inspired by our own experiences.

During that time we cut two CDs and still have some available. If you’d like to buy a CD or even just a single song you can click on the links at the bottom of the side bar to the right. Or, click these links: Secret Agent, or Trust in the Lord to see prices, sample songs, and buy the albums or just single tracts.

Part of the sales will go to supporting this blog site. You can sample some of the songs before buying. Be sure to check out the reviews too.

And, btw, thanks to all my long-time readers. It’s been a real blessing to share thoughts with fellow Leuk Fighters.

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