I did my second day of shoots. Three apartments this time. They were college student apartments and man, the first one was definitely a bachelor pad. Bags and bags of trash, clothes everywhere, and a nice, apologetic resident. I managed to photograph the kitchen and bathroom. The bedrooms we’re useless. One had a sleeping finals-week fogged-out-student in it and the other was trashed. The other apartments were empty and relatively clean.

The shoots went quicker than yesterday but I was still pretty tired afterwards. I still need to photograph the outside of the buildings from yesterday and today but I couldn’t hack it right now.

I guess I’m a bit bummed out. Tired of being tired. Sitting down and writing helps though. Especially the sitting part.

I hope my last two posts haven’t gotten any of you down. As you know, Leuk looks forward to these days when you let your spirits drag.

I don’t have too many of these moments and I hope my new readers will go back to my earlier posts and realize I am mostly upbeat. But today, not so much.

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