Tired but still kicking

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  1. hey jim (love the name!), i wanted to say that i am truly sorry about your illness.

    i am writing you because i am trying to spread the word about a documentary that we are doing.

    we are trying to raise funding to get this thing done, so that it can raise awareness and realistic solutions. if you think it is noteworthy, then i ask that you simply pass it around to others you know, so that it may find its way in the lap of some one who can contribute to the indiegogo campaign. if you decide to blog about it, let me know, and i will be happy to post a link to your site from our site, in the credits, to thank you for spreading the word.

    the site for the documentary is: http://ToxicBiology.com/

    i hope this helps you or some one you know in the future. thanks!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m approving your comment because I’ve watched your videos and feel they may be of interest to my readers. However, I am not ready to endorse your project yet. At this point it’s a ‘watch and wait’ for me. You seem to have a lot of medical knowledge and you may be onto something, although your videos have yet to talk about your actual advise on the regimen you will be recommending. The fact that you are not selling anything and just trying to help people gives you, as I see it, a lot of credibility. But the large number of diseases you claim to be able to cure makes me a little wary. I’m not trying to shoot you down or discourage you. I wish you success in your documentary. As you can understand though, I am very protective of my readers and have to advise them caution at this point.

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