Tonight I went down to the docks to tinker on the boat. There was no wind so it gave me a chance to raise the main sail and work on an issue I was having with the boom. I also blew up our dingy.

We’re getting ready for a sail this coming 4th of July weekend. We’ll be spending the 4th with family and then sailing to Sucia Island the next day. She’s an old boat, but solid… and it floats which is always handy when you’re on the water.

It was 9:00pm, the air had cooled. The marina was quiet with very few people. I love the cool Summer evenings down there.

Driving home it hit me how lucky my wife and I are. We live in the woods and have access to the sea. We have a very small house; it’s just the right size for the two of us. (It only takes about 20 minutes to clean.)

I feel good for now. Whatever time I have doesn’t really matter. It’s living now that matters. Realizing how wonderful our time together is. The smell of the forest and the smell of the sea remind me of that every day.

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