The unspoken temptation

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  1. RICHARD SWIFT says:

    Hi Jim – Here is a success story about a guy named Doug Blampied from Concord, New Hampshire, an insurance executive. During the summer of 1982 there was a hint of fatigue. He planned to sail around Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard with his wife, Nancy. It went great, he was rested & refreshed, but when he came home, he couldn’t get his energy level back. He went back to work, thinking it was the flu or virus. But his fever wouldn’t go down, so he went to a doctor and found he had acute myologenous leukemia and cancer of the spinal fluid. He started chemo and a Hickman catheter was planted into his chest for the chemo and for blood to be withdrawn. He would wake up nauseated from the chemo and vomit sometimes five time a day. He could only bathe and use the toilet. He lost his hair and became very thin.

    He had a will to live. His wife was told to prepare for his death. He didn’t succumb to the idea of quitting. He had too much to do and wasn’t finished with living yet.

    After a month and a half in the hospital, he began to show some improvement and was sent home. He received chemo over eight months with severe reactions, including high fevers. He returned to work early in 1983, and monthly checkups showed his cancer was in remission.

    In April 1983, he underwent a bone marrow harvest. A hole was drilled into bone and marrow was extracted, which was treated with antibodies, frozen and stored. In June his count was rising. He was devastated. He found out that out of 50 patients treated with a bone marrow transplant, only a handful survived, so he passed on it.

    At a support group meeting he heard about a book, RECALLED BY LIFE. Encouraged about MACROBIOTICS, Doug and Nancy went to hear Michio Kushi speak. Upon coming home, they made some radical changes in their diet and lifestyle: from electric to gas stove and a complete MACROBIOTIC kitchen. Then they studied MACROBIOTIC cooking with a teacher in New Hampshire.

    His count dropped almost immediately and stayed down, a good incentive to learn to like the food. With his cancer in remission, he feels that he is in better health than he has ever been. Eight years later he felt that getting sick actually changed his way of life in many positive ways. “I am a stronger, better person now. I see myself as more sensitive and understanding, and less directed at unimportant things. I spend more time with my children. I hug them regularly, and let them know that I love them and how much they mean to me.”

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