Lots of issues with dizziness, and other illnesses besides leukemia, have hit me lately. The focus of this blog is Leuk and not anything else; I’m afraid if I talked about all the things that are wrong, I’d have to call it “Me and the Gang!”

Suffice to say, the whole Gang has had their way with me lately so my get-up-and-go kinda got-up-and-went.

Leaving a blog alone this long usually loses readers. I hope none of you have gone away. I’ll try to be better about writing.

So… despite the above complaining, life is good. Why? Well because it’s life! And Life is a whole lot better than his darker brother!

I’ve stopped driving for now since the dizziness comes more often and is less predictable. I say ‘for now’ because the doctors think they may have figured out it’s cause. Leuk may not be the culprit after all. I’m having an MRI in a few days and will hopefully get some answers. Then, if they can fix things, my pockets my once again jingle with the sound of car keys.

In the mean time, with no steering wheel crowding my belly, I have lost some freedom. Friends will help me when I need to go somewhere though, so all is not lost. It does, however, make me feel a little like Howard Hughes – all shut up and cloistered but, unfortunately, not with billionaires.

Well, my friends, I hope I can treat you to some writing that’s more uplifting than this was. Just know I’m still here, still happy, and still living. I promise Leuk and the Gang won’t get me down. At least not often.

Take care. See you again soon.

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3 thoughts on “The Gang

  1. Missed seeing you today at Elma’s birthday party. I did get a nice visit in with your better half and your kids. Keep plugging along, none of us get thru this life easy. Love Nellie

    • Hi Nellie. I with I could have made it. Alma has been so special to all of us. I had a bad cold which might not have stopped me, but this damn dizziness kept me home.
      BTW – Please tell Alma I did a post to my blog about her. Willie told me she sometimes reads it.

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