Stuck in the snow

Car stuck in snow

February, as usual, decided to give us a last blast of Winter before Spring. Now I don’t mind the snow, my wife and I enjoy how beautiful the yard looks all covered in a white blanket… Ahem… probably because it covers all the stuff I was supposed to clean up last Fall.

But my admiration for the white stuff vanished when I got stuck in our driveway. We don’t have a normal kind of suburban driveway. We live in the country. Ours is about 500 feet long and dips down into a gully then climbs up to the road.

This wouldn’t have been a problem when the snow was, well, snow. But it was melting into slush which means there was very little traction. I was stupid to even try to go anywhere. I should have stayed home. But, oh no, the macho man in me took over; I could do it… no problem.

Yea right.

Tow truck stuck in snowThree hours later the tow truck came and as you can see, he got stuck too. Finally, after four hours and $400, I was pulled free. Yes, that’s right… $400!!!! AAA sure earned it’s fee that day.

So I’ve had my car parked near the road for a couple days. The weather has turned now with temperatures in the upper 40’s so I should be able to get the car back home.

Please, Spring, get here soon.

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