Today I spent most of my time on the computer processing photos. Oh, I guess I haven’t told you, I have a part-time (well, very part time in this economy) business doing photography, writing, and graphic design. I just finished shooting a job for an interior designer and, as usual, I’m running against a tight deadline.

I also have a night job as a janitor.

A work-aholic you say? Well perhaps, but moolah is hard to come by these days so you do what it takes.

Anyway, though Leuk is always with me, even when I’m writing blog posts, I mostly forget about him when I’m busy. At least that’s true during my day job. But pushing broom at night is not exactly nuclear physics so my mind wanders. This gives Leuk a hole to jump into and he sometimes messes with me. I’m getting better at pushing him back out of my thoughts though.

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