Car stuck in the snow

Not feeling too hot today but I’m not letting it get me down. The snow is wet and thick outside. It’s pretty and I’m enjoying it because I don’t have to go anywhere. Still, it will be nice to have February done. Not that I’m rushing it. Each day is precious. Even snowy ones.

I think it is a choice whether we feel up or down. So much of who we are and how we feel about things is in our heads. I hope I remember that if the day comes when Leuk gets worse.

Anyway, for now, and hopefully for years to come, Leuk and I are doing okay. I hope this Winter sees you all finding blessings in your lives. Leukemia is definitely not a blessing, but the really important things in your life are; family, friends, and even the snow.

Enjoy what’s left of Winter, Spring is on its way.

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