Snow fallingLast couple of days I’ve been pretty lethargic. Not sure if it’s the leukemia or if I’m just a lazy lout. Doing great today though.

It snowed last night. It’s about an inch deep which is no big deal, at least not to long-time natives of my state. I’m guessing a lot of new people have moved up here from California because some of them are driving like its summertime. Last week when it snowed I saw five cars spun off the road. And that was just within a one mile stretch. Accidents were occurring throughout the day.

Well, it ain’t summertime. If they’d just slow down and use their breaks as seldom as possible they’d be fine. A lot of these fair-weather drivers don’t know to slow down before entering a curve and to not brake while turning.

Maybe I should move to California and drive slow likes it’s an icy winter day… that would drive them nuts too.

Anyway, wherever you are I hope your winter is going fine.

Merry Christmas.

PS – Here’s some tips for driving in the snow.

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