I found love today. It was only 2-1/2 feet tall.

I’d stopped by my son-in-law’s office to pick something up. His office is just across the lawn from his house and my two grandchildren were playing outside in the sunshine.

It was supposed to be just a quick stop  and then on to my other plans for this busy day. But while walking back to my car I heard a desperate cry, “Afi!”

It was my 5 year old grandson. He had apparently been running towards me when he’d suddenly stopped, realizing I was leaving. “Afi,” he said between sobs, “I don’t want you to go to the meeting. I thought you were going to work with me.” He meant play, but in the wonderful world of a 5 year old the two words can sometimes mean the same thing.

There he was, this little man, standing alone in the grass, his shoulders hunched forward, head hanging down, wailing as if his small world had come to an end.

Well, of course I didn’t leave. I would have canceled a meeting with the President for the sake of those tears.

We sat on the edge of the porch. I hugged him as he panted in short, laborious gasps. Big salty tears flooding his little face.

“Oh, Joshie,” I said, “you’re so upset. You must love me.”

“I really do… a whole lot,” he sobbed.

There it was, Love, defined in six simple words spoken through the choked sobs of a little boy.

He’s too little to know it, but he’d given me a moment. One that will stay with me all my life.

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