Sorry my last post was such a downer. It’s just that the dizziness sometimes gets in the way of my plans. I’d better get used to it, I’m sure other “issues” will get in my way soon enough.

The last two days have been great. I finished the work on my sailboat and today I launched it. Launching my boat isn’t a matter of just backing a trailer down a boat ramp. We have to hire a company to lift the boat up with a crane and plunk it down into the water.

It was a little eerie seeing my baby hanging on straps in midair, but she fared well. The crew at Colony Wharf did a great job.

Now it’s time to step (raise) the mast. I’m too cheap to hire it done so we’ll man-handle it ourselves using the gin pole I made. (Hope it works!)

Then the challenge comes – rigging. Once the mast is up I have to set and tune the shrouds and stays. I’ve never done that before so I’m looking forward to the adventure.

Then we sail her north. (We launched her in another city because the facilities in our town were too expensive.)

I won’t be sailing it up with my son. He was going to come up this weekend but the night before he was due to arrive a bridge on Interstate 5 collapsed stopping his planned journey. He was bummed that he couldn’t sail this weekend, but there will be other days for other sailings.

As I see it, this year – 2013 – will be worth memorizing. Things may get dicey in the years ahead, but 2013 will be a great year.

Memorize your good times. Make them your own. That’s good advise for anyone, sick or not.

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4 thoughts on “Ready to sail

  1. Jim, It is exciting to hear your boat’s afloat! Good luck with the rigging. That gin pole looks like it should do the trick.
    No doubt about it, you are making some great memories!


    • I’m hoping the gin pole will work. From the little I learned in my college physics class, I think it should. However… My son once looked at my text book from the class and announced, “Dad, you took cheerleader physics!” So, we’ll see.

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