Now I have three doctors looking into my dizziness issues. “Dizzy” isn’t really an accurate description. It’s a little hard to find words to explain it. A slight headache sometimes, but mostly a loss of balance and occasionally nausea.

It doesn’t happen every day. I take over-the-counter meclizine (same stuff you use to prevent sea sickness). It usually works if I take it an hour before I have symptoms. But, of course, that means I’m taking it almost every day since I don’t know if a problem will happen that day.

So, my family doctor, my neurologist, and an ENT (ear/nose/throat) doctor are all communicating with each other. It’s seems I am a bit of an anomaly.

A physical therapist sent me to the ENT doc because her testing was inconclusive and she wasn’t sure she could help me.

The ENT is doing blood tests but he isn’t sure of the cause.

My neurologist is going to have me take a nerve test. But he’s not sure either because the physical tests he performed gave conflicting results.

And, my family doctor is coordinating the effort but remains unsure of the cause.

Turns out I’m a bit of a conundrum to all of them. Story of my life… I’ve always liked being different from the crowd, but this is taking uniqueness a bit too far!

But, as Popeye used to say… “I am what I am and that’s all what I am.”

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2 thoughts on “Popeye said it best

  1. Jim, my brother’s nickname is “Popeye” so your title really drew me in. He is a survivor of an accident that led to paralysis from T-3 down. Thank God we can be what we are and have so much love just as “I am!” Just discoverd your blog so will be looking forward to reading more. Keep sharing it is very inspiring. P.S. I actually got great results for vertigo through acupuncture treatments. We are all definitely unique anomalies: God’s masterpieces!

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