What condition my condition is in

Eating cereal

Well, I still have the pneumonia but am feeling a lot better. I get tired but I’m able to get out of bed and move around for awhile. I even fed myself breakfast and did some laundry! Normally that would not be a big deal but considering my condition it’s pretty amazing.

My appetite is back (hence the food photo above) so I’m gaining strength.

Yes, as the song says, I Just Dropped in to See What Condition my Condition was In and I’m pretty glad with the results. And, to my surprise, my family doc gave me a blood test and my white blood cell count is good despite the pneumonia. (Well, it’s high compared to a normal person, but low for a leukemia patient.) I haven’t posted a blood test yet because I want to wait until I get the more complete test that my oncology doctor has me do.

Wow, I didn’t know pneumonia was such a hard thing to overcome but I’m so glad my immune system is able to fight back still. The doctor gave me an antibiotic which helped a lot but I’m sure my recovery is on tract because I still have some healthy blood cells doing their thing.

Leuk is still with me but he seems to be taking it easy for now. Shhhh, I don’t’ want to wake him up!

I hope you are managing your own fight with leukemia and not letting it get you down. We are all at different stages in this battle with Leuk but we must hang in there and take encouragement from every day we are given.

Take care.

[photo by Ryan Pouncy]

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