Pleasure can be a lot of work

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  1. Russ says:

    Love this article, Jim. I gotta show this to my 10-year-old – we’re learning ALL about persistence and doing things we don’t necessarily want to do when they need to be done.

    Start with the end in mind: PLEASURE boating. Even though my wife and I aren’t into boating and/or sailing, we do enjoy going to the shores of Lake Ontario with our daughter to relax and play on the beach and boardwalk. This time of year, there are LOTS of folks out on the lake boating and sailing. They always look like they’re having a GREAT time.

    My daughter looks dreamily out across the water, seeing the many different colored boats and sails. I get the sense that she might like to get a ride on one of them some day. However, when I show her YOUR story, she may get yet another lesson in appreciation for hard work and doing the things you don’t necessarily FEEL like doing; or tackling those jobs that seem too hard or even impossible in the moment.

    Just this morning as I was cleaning up around the house, I asked her how many times she saw me taking a break. She had to answer, ‘None’. Then I asked her, “How many times do you thing I FELT like taking a break or giving up altogether, because it’s such a GLORIOUS day.”

    That question stumped her so I had to tell her, “I didn’t feel like doing this stuff AT ALL!”

    “Then why did you do it?” she innocently asked.

    Ah, to be 10 years old again, huh? Just turn on the cartoons and watch life slip through your fingers!

    So I’ll show her your story and then I’ll use it to remind her every time we go to the beach exactly what it took for all those people to get out there on the water, PLEASURE boating!

    All the best from Toronto,

    • Jim says:

      You sound like a good Dad. Lessons, like the one about the need for hard work, will do her well when she enters the ‘grown-ups’ world. I just hope my story doesn’t discourage her from sailing.

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