Painting house

Hi Guys.  Yesterday I was painting my house. (I hate painting.) I tripped on a dead rose bush stump and fell, banging my head. I swore like a trucker (under my breath since my grandkids were there). The ensuing headache and nausea sent me to bed for an hour.

Not sure why I’m telling you this. I guess I just felt like complaining to someone, so feel free to ignore that.

Anyway, I got back up and did more painting. We’re painting our little home red. We will be putting down three coats. Yesterday we did the primer and some of the first coat of red. Since it was Sunday I had lots of help from family members. This week I’ll be flying solo but am looking forward to finally getting the “fun” job done.

Of course, as some of you can relate, I get tired and can’t put in a full day but that’s alright. Our house is small enough that a week gives me plenty of time.

Leuk may be slowing me down a little but not much. I am lucky that I can still function at a somewhat normal level.

I think I’ll do a post tomorrow on just what the heck ‘normal’ really means. See you then.

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