We finally got in the water last Friday. The boat was launched from a town about 30 miles from our home port. We’d planned on sailing as soon as she hit the water and then camping overnight on Sucia Island on the way home, but there was more tinkering to get done and the evening was drawing near.

We slept in the boat overnight and sailed Saturday morning. Since we lost yesterday, we didn’t have time to go to the island. So we sailed the 30 miles directly home. We didn’t actually sail; I wasn’t doing so well, so we motored home.

No matter though. The skies were clear and the day was warm. The fresh salt air and the movement of the boat felt good.

There’s something about the water that lowers the blood pressure. It took a little while but, just like our boat, my stress floated away.

I was raised by the saltwater. It’s part of me. It felt good to be home again.

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