Cancer Center buildingToday I get to go see my cancer doc for my bi-annual check up. Oh joy. You know, just a few years back I would have never imagined myself going to a building called the Cancer Center. Jeez.

Anyway, in addition to my usual check up I’ll be discussing a new thing with my doctor. I have developed a limp from pain in my right leg. It has occurred off and on for a couple years but now it’s daily.

My GP (family doctor) says it could be caused by one of two things: either swollen lymph nodes in my groin (caused by my CLL) are pinching a nerve, or I have some bone degeneration. That’s a hell of a choice.

So, I had an x-ray yesterday and I should get the results soon. My GP and cancer doctors will be comparing notes.

Either way, bone degeneration or swollen lymph nodes, getting older and having leukemia at the same time is a pain in the butt… or, make that leg.

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