Of mice and T-cells

mouseSome potentially good news is coming through the media (in this case CBS news) about a new cancer treatment using genetically modified T-cells. According to the report researchers are already testing it on terminally ill leukemia patients.

There are apparently some difficult side effects but the article didn’t elaborate. Still, researchers say they are meeting with some success. It is good to know they are getting closer to new treatments for us.

As always, I am not recommending this treatment for you. I’m not qualified to do so. Besides, I don’t think it has been approved yet by the FDA. But you might want to discuss it with your doctor to see what she thinks about this new research.

Oh, I hope you aren’t squeamish though . . . they remove T-cells from your body and modify them with molecules from genetically engineered mice then inject them back into you. So, don’t blame me if you develop an inexplicable attraction to cheese or an innate fear of cats.

[photo courtesy of Warren Photographic]

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