Wow. Have you ever “OD’d” on drugs? I have a medication I take for a condition unrelated to my leukemia. I normally take one pill in the morning and one in the evening. I’m usually very careful about that but last weekend I was visiting my son and took a pill in the morning forgetting that I had taken one earlier.

The dizzies set in and I was nauseous. Had I been able to go to bed I probably could have ridden the thing out fine, but we were scheduled to drive home that day. So, I had to let my wife drive while I sat in the back, bowl in hand, and tried not to “toss my cookies” as my Mom used to say.

I tried to keep my eyes shut so the effects of the car’s motion would be lessened. However, since I usually drive that route home, my wife kept asking me to look out and see if she was in the correct lane and where to turn next.

Long story short, the cookies got tossed.

It was a miserable 100 mile drive but I somehow survived.

So, I’m thinking it is probably time to start using a pill box.

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