I sometimes go to a local coffee shop to work on my computer and just relax. Today, as happens sometimes, my friend, a pastor of a local Lutheran church, stopped by. We often talk about theology, philosophy, politics, and life. He doesn’t preach; we just explore.

He is a rather progressive (a.k.a, liberal) preacher. His thoughts are refreshing to me. Anyway, he expressed the possibility that all will be saved and not lost. That God’s grace is stronger than we think. I hope that he is right. God and I have been at odds for a long time, so if He is there, I hope there is some of that grace left over for me…. believe me – it’s my only way in!

Somehow, during the conversation, while illustrating a point, I found it appropriate to tell him about my leukemia. It wasn’t out of a need to tell him, it was just part of the natural flow of our conversation.

We had a fine talk; not as a pastor trying to ‘save’ a soul, but as two friends exploring the possible.

Towards the end of our exchange he asked me if there was anything I would like him to do for me. It was an interesting question. It wasn’t the usual ‘would-you-like-me-to-pray-for-you?’. It was asked as an offer of practical help.

I paused in thought. No one had yet asked me such a question. I wondered if there really was anything I needed. “I can’t think of anything I need, except possibly for my family. My wife could use some prayer.”

It turns out some older ladies of his church knit prayer shawls. As they work, they pray for the shawl’s future owner.

“What’s her favorite color,” he asked.

“Blue, I think.”

“Good'” he smiled. “we are big on blue ones. They’ll knit one up and I’ll keep it in my car until I run into you again.”

Some people, like my pastor friend, make it a good day without even trying.

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