My Mom and Dad

I visited my parent’s grave this weekend. I hadn’t been there since we buried them six years ago. It’s so odd. The people who raised me, who were the center of my life – just gone.

This whole mortality thing is weird. I mean, how can a person be alive one moment and gone the next? Why do even the healthy grow old and fade away? What’s the point?

I guess the point is, what matters is, that we make a difference while we’re here; leave a legacy for others to remember and to be blessed by. I don’t know if there is anything for us after we die but perhaps that is enough. Even if there is nothing more, our life, our legacy means a lot.

I know my parents had a lasting effect on my life. I will never forget them. Neither will my children. And their children will be told of them. I’ve written some posts about my dad (here and here) and one about my mom (here). They were good people.

I loved them.

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