I woke this morning with the thought: Life is Motion. Without motion, there is no life. We must keep moving, creating, loving, crying, laughing, growing… being.

Our thoughts control whether we move or not. We get depressed, we sit. Depression drains our energy. Elation energizes us.

Leuk is a depressor. He’s skilled at making us stop moving. Even at my stage without symptoms and without treatment, just the thought of having leukemia can be a downer. Sometimes he gets to me. But most of the time I can focus on my grandchildren, my adult children, my wife, and life.

If you are living with Leuk, try not to let him take over your thoughts. Keep moving. Keep life in mind, not death. Keep health in mind, not sickness. Keep family in mind, not loneliness.

Next week I get to take my grandkids to the waterslides. I almost decided not to do it. I almost chose to sit still. But leuk didn’t win. He seldom wins with me.

It will be a great day.

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