Dog yawning, no motivation

Been feeling good lately but still have problems with motivation. I’m not staying on track with my goals (writing & exercise). I need to complete them. We need the added income my writing will provide and I obviously need the exercise to help me in my battle with Leuk and to be in shape for the Big Climb next year. I allow myself to get distracted with unnecessary things that are more entertaining but do nothing to get me closer to completing those goals.

You’d think that having leukemia would motivate me to get busy. After all, who knows how much time I have left.

I wonder why it is the things we want to do can sometimes seem like chores. I can’t blame it on being too tired, I’ve slept well and Leuk seems to be leaving me alone for now. And I have plenty of time since I am retired.

I’ve got to get off my butt!

[photo by Charles Deluvio]

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