I’m planning difficult but needed decisions this week. But, you know, I really don’t mind. It seems that having Leuk by my side (even though I wish he’d take a hike) gives me a different view on the challenges of life.

I mean, it’s a blessing to have those challenges. As long as we’re out of the pine box, we will have good and bad days… but days they are, and that beats pine any day.

Don’t get me wrong. Certain issues, like moolah, bread, green backs, cold hard cash – or whatever you want to call it, can get me down, make me whine, raise my ire.

But, if light is understanding, and Leuk is darkness, then light can come from the dark.

So, in the light of darkness, I’ve found a certain gratitude for life.

It’s strange how I needed to get a terminal disease to figure that one out.

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