A friend passed away today. She didn’t have leukemia but had a multitude of other heath problems. Though I wasn’t close to her it is still hard to lose someone, especially when she is younger than you. Feels a bit ominous.

But I’m still kicking. It is a sunny autumn day outside my window. Soon I’ll be stepping out into the fresh air and going to help my son-in-law put a floor in his new house.

Whatever time I have it is so good to be alive. I’m not bed ridden yet and hope to never be but either way I’ll always appreciate my family and the life I’ve been given.

I’ve done some stupid things in the past. There are regrets. Sometimes they haunt me. But overall I am happy and loved.

That’s what matters.

It’s not who we were but what we’ve become that matters. I’m trying to keep my focus on the now and on moving forward. And, as far as Leuk goes, he’s not getting me down.

My friend’s death has reminded me to grab life while I have it. Life, not Leuk, is my focus.

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