Stress, guilt, and I have been buddies for a long time. But today I managed to handle a potentially stressful situation without getting so wrapped up in it. I’ve learned to delegate without guilt and encourage without absorbing the other person’s tension.

Though my doctor says there is no scientific basis for it, I think my stressful lifestyle contributed to my leukemia as well as other health issues. It may not have given me leukemia, but I believe it weakened my system enough to allow some latent ailments I had to come to life.

So, at least for today, I’m letting go. I don’t have to handle everyone’s problems. I don’t have to fix things.

As my little brother once told me: “Yes, Jim, there is a God… and you’re not it.”

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4 thoughts on “Letting go of stress

    • I’m coming to realize that repressing feelings is not always good if it creates negative stress. Of course, I think its best to consider others before blurting out how you feel. Your mom was a sweetheart. She always made us feel welcome in her home. I miss her. You remind me of her.

    • She was a fine woman. If you get the chance please write me via email about the story you mentioned awhile back. It was something your Mom said about my Dad. I’d love to hear it.

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