Hi. Been awhile since my last post. Been crazy busy.

We sold the family home I grew up in. It was directly on the beach – you step off the back porch, onto the lawn, and onto the beach. It was in the family since 1950 or so.

It was hard to see it go; sort of like a death in the family.

But circumstances required it and now that the deed is done I can move on. It helped pay off a mortgage that put our own home at risk and would have left my wife with debt if I’m gone.

My sister and I each inherited half of it and she needed to sell too. It’s been hard on the rest of the family. I just hope they can understand why we did it and that it wasn’t a frivolous decision.

I miss the smell of the sea.

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5 thoughts on “Letting go of our beach house

  1. It was very hard to come to the decision to sell the house. We’d have preferred to keep it but financially it was not possible. I have over 40 years of memories of time spent with family in that house. It’s hard to sever those ties but we have the memories and our family which make any house a home. Love you family.

  2. Thankfully memories are not severed when we are forced to face a loss. The sea air will be inhaled deeply aboard your boat now! You two are much loved!

  3. We are thankful for good memories with you at the house on the sea. Thankfully we can always access the sea. Surely you made the best decision…there will be great memories yet to be experienced. Take care and God bless.

    • Thanks. Yes, lots of great memories. Growing up at Birch Bay was great. I miss it, but I’m also happy where I’m at now

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