orcaWhen you have a serious disease like leukemia it is good to get your focus on something else. Volunteer work, hobbies, family, friends, helping others, or any worthwhile distraction really helps.

I was inspired by the movie Blackfish to take up the cause of getting Orca (Killer Whales) and Dolphin out of captivity. These cetaceans are intelligent, sentient mammals and should not be locked up in small swimming pools for our entertainment.

In the 1970’s the original whales were captured in the Pacific Northwest near where I live. The babies were easier to ship so they were separated from their mothers and flown to SeaWorld. Today Seaworld and others get their stock from capture and forced breading. Many Orca are artificially inseminated at younger ages forcing them to give birth sooner than they would in the wild. In some cases this has led to the deaths of either the mother or the child.

Though SeaWorld claims otherwise, their calves are often taken from the mothers and shipped to other theme parks.

Some Orca whales have died. Some have attacked and even killed trainers.

I went to SeaWorld when I was young and loved it. But now I see that these whales and their trainers are in danger.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have three pods of wild killer whales. They are healthier, live longer, have tight family bonds, and enjoy a whole ocean to live in (not cramped aquariums).

You will find a SeaWorld film called “The Truth About Blackfish” rebutting the Blackfish movie. You will also see sources that factually expose SeaWorld’s claims. Take a look at the film Blackfish. Go on Twitter and hear the buzz from both sides of the issue. Get informed.

Killer whales belong in the wild where they can live and breed naturally. I strongly urge you to take a look at this issue and decide for yourself.

As for me, I will never take my grandkids to SeaWorld. I cannot support the capturing and carnival-like display of these beautiful, highly intelligent creatures.

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