lancerOur sailboat still isn’t launched, but we’re getting closer. I have to scrub the boat down; buff the sides back to a shine (the fiberglass was oxidized when we bought it); build a bed frame; do the bottom paint; put a new hatch vent on; and clean out and restock the cabin. Oh yeah, and the scuppers (cockpit drains) are plugged.

Hmmmm… doesn’t sound like I’m really “getting closer” after all.

We’ve ordered a new propane powered outboard. It should arrive next week. It will be a bit of a trick to mount because I have to attached the remote control throttle, electric start, and cables.

Our goal was to launch May 1. Well, we obviously missed that one. So now we are aiming for June 1.

We plan on doing a lot of sailing and camping this Summer. I feel good and hopefully will for some time. Leuk is giving us a window of opportunity and we plan on using it.

Until next time… may a firm wind be at your back and a warm sun on your sails.

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