My lab tests for June 3 are in. Actually I was supposed to get them done in May… but someone procrastinated.

The numbers are up a bit but not a huge amount. The Lymphocyte count is higher, but still below the overall White Blood Cell count. That’s a good thing (see this post).

I am a bit concerned that the Lymphocyte count is closer to the White Blood Cell count than it was last time. The previous test showed a 7.7 difference. This time it is only 4.4. This is just one test though. Chances are there will be a better spread in the numbers next time.

My Red Blood Cells and Platelets are still in the normal range and always have been.

Overall I’m pleased. If things can stay relatively the same there is a chance I can wait a few more years for treatment. Promising new treatments will soon be available.

You can check out my lab test history and see a summary chart on my “Score Card” page.

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