Woke up this morning feeling very tired. Probably not from Leuk… I was up until 2am last night. Why? I have no idea. Just couldn’t sleep.

I had lots to do today and I got all worried that I wasn’t going to accomplish anything. But this time I did the right thing and slept in late anyway. Guess what… this afternoon I had the energy I needed and got almost everything done. Whoda’ thunk it?

Last night I tried working on a project for a client but the wee hours didn’t lend themselves to much creativity. Once I got enough rest surprise, surprise, I could think better!

This morning as I lay in bed exhausted I decided that I’m 61 years old, not 35. I finally had to admit that I needed to take care of myself and get some rest. Up until this point I’ve always tried to get by with very little sleep and poor eating habits. Hmmm…. 61 and I’m finally realizing I have to put myself first if I’m going to be good for anyone else.

Ah… I think I wrote a blog entry somewhere in here suggesting something like that. Like most people, I’m great at doling out advise but not necessarily following it.

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