Hi gang,

I haven’t made any entries in the last few days. Guess I’m off my game. I’m still good. Feeling healthy. Leuk’s been leaving me alone pretty much.

The plans for a debt-free future for my wife if I’m gone, or for that matter a debt-free life if I’m here, have gotten a lot more complicated. It’s a good plan except for the pernicious influences of people who seem to not care that they are slowing things down – maybe even stopping my plans.

I think becoming anti-social could be a new hobby of mine. The fewer people in my life the better; a small hermitage on some isolated island maybe?

I’d miss my grandkids, but hey, they could row out to visit from time to time. My wife might get lonely out there, but she could swim to the mainland anytime she wanted.

We’d have everything we need. I’d catch salmon to eat, collect rain water to drink and shower with, and pick maple leaves for toilet paper. We’d have it made!

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3 thoughts on “Island life sounds good!

  1. I’m feeling your pain. Love you. Actually, I wouldn’t mind be stranded on an island with you as long as we had internet, like Jan suggested!!!

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